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Nomad Raceways Custom Track philosophy:

Nomad Raceways is now offering complete track kits for home, club and commercial use.  We create designs that maximize slot racing potential. Through long experience, racing on every scale and type slot car track, we consider driver sight lines, marshaling accessibility, track flow, optimal switch and pit lane placement, to provide an optimal slot racing experience and driver satisfaction. 

By purchasing one of our kits, you save money because you buy only the parts needed to build your track.  If you already have track, we can sell only the parts needed to complete our design.    Our volume purchasing saves, and you know your total cost up front. No budget creep as add-on and multiple shipments pile up!

Having tried every system on the market, we prefer and recommend Carrera track.  Unlike wood tracks, Carrera 1/24 scale track it is reconfigurable, and requires less maintenance.  Unlike other plastic modular systems available today, it is wide enough to run 1/24 scale, perfect for all 1/32 cars.  1/43 and even HO cars run better on Carrera track than they do their native systems. Carrera track works well for with or without traction magnets. The extra wide shoulders allow drifting without guardrail bashing. Carrera track is rigid enough to build sweeping elevation changes with minimal support and without bumps between sections.  Flat curves can be banked slightly, and 30 degree banking is available. Carrera can easily be attached to table surface to make modules and can store on edge between uses.

We have Carrera based tracks in heavy continuous use, for 15 years with no problems. Carrera contacts are stainless with long springy connections, so no loss of conductivity.  We have even run rally events on wet Carrera track and have customers who use them in outdoor gardens.

2 to 6 lanes wide are possible in traditional analog or digital systems.  It is possible to switch between use with digital and analog. And with our high-power upgrade, and surface treatment you can  run high amperage vintage or contemporary commercial track cars up to Group 12.

Or design software not only insured proper track inventory and fit, but gives us the ability to view our designs from any vantage point.  We provide several views of each track in our store.  We offer table building advice and even turnkey construction and installation on location by request.  

Currently, we are not offering scenic figures or diorama materials, our focus is on optimal racing surfaces.  Track décor can be a hobby of its own, and we encourage it, that is if you can stop driving a racing on your track long enough to do it! 

See our current offerings here.  For a custom design, please call Jim to discuss your dream slot track at 707-722-0232.

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