Monte Carlo Rally

This track is inspired by the 1967 Rally of Monte Carlo, which ran from the valley to the ski lodge and back.  The event was the first race win for a Mini Cooper.  

Our track runs a single 1/32 scale car in a time trial event. 

Relays flip the polarity at each end loop, allowing the car to travel both directions in a single slot. 

Lap times are in the 12 second range, and most races are 25 lap time trials. 

Drivers do their own marshaling as all parts of the track are easily reached from the driving position.  

Although the routed track uses magnetic braid, we generally run cars with little or no magnet on this track, as it helps to be able to swing the rear around on tight turns.  

The layout is compact, at just 3 x 7 feet!

Most people who see this track ask about how it was made, so we'll start with some photos of its construction by Bill Schneidwind. 

Here the 3/34" MDF track surface has been cut, elevated and mounted to the frame:

Some of the rock and earth has been modeled from Hydrocal: