Slot Car Racing for Promotional Events

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Nomad Raceways has been generating excitement and engaging clients with slot racing optimized for trade shows, corporate events, sales promotions and hospitality events since 2005. 

Nomad portable slot car racing tracks are delivered to most events in the US in our trucks.  For more distant events, we have dissasembled tracks in cases that check as baggage and assemble on-site for maximum cost effectiveness. Yes, we travel internationally, and have performed at events in Canada, Europe and Dubai UAE recently.


Video of the Materiaize Slot car championship held at Cobo Hall Detroit.  The 3D printer company invited their custoners to produce slot car bodies and participate in a race.  Nomad propvided 2 tracks one for the tradeshow booth and the other for the erace event.  We ran the race event.

Video of the day’s final race at a tradeshow booth. We ran 76 races that day!

This is “Quadrophenia” one of our larger tracks, especially suited for a grand presentation of exciting competition.

Our race tracks come in a variety of sizes and can be located indoors or out.  We can provide canopies and can run on silent battery power if needed.  Our wireless microphone and video displays provide adequate coverage in most cases, but can be linked to multiple  displays or larger sound systems on request.  We can provide specific types and brands of cars on request. Our track walls, cars and canopies and even scoring monitors can be branded.  We call that action using your brands and catchphrases. We put your brand where the action is!   

A small, 5 x 12’ oval at a customer appreciation event.  This track travels as baggage with race director for maximum mobile cost effectiveness.  Here we are in Dubai, UAE - about as far as one can get from our home in southern California.

Nomad makes your booth an attraction, drives traffic and engages clients in a brief, fun activity. Branding on the cars and track and exciting play calling with your catch phrases makes racing relevant.  From branding to shipping, set-up and presentation, we handle it all!

At a computer conference in San Francisco.Slot cars are hands-on fun!   A game everyone enjoys, many remember fondly and is not already installed on their mobile...
Crashing is part of the slot racing action!But the focus is on engagement, entertainment and your ROI.Winners wear win stickers spreading the buzz to others and return for the final race featuring your prizeThis maximizes booth traffic and customer engagement in promotional events.  At private parties we create fun competition and build camaraderie.

All our tracks and cars are optimized for professional commercial use. They are easy for first time racers while providing challenges as skills increase. The drivers control speed and lane changing with two simple buttons.  Our format is adaptable to brief attract and engage events or extended entertainment/hospitailty situtations.  Our race format maximizes speed, action and fun for all ages.
We can create an apply logos from your electronic art.

Most of our tracks are for 6 drivers at once. Three autopilot cars also add the challenge and excitement.  We run a new race every 2 minutes, so we can serve up to 180 people per hour. Of course, more will be involved in watching the races. At promotional events focus on sustained excitement and maximizing the number of contacts, we can even scan prospect badges for you.   Our repeated clients have proven that we increase their lead generation. At private events, like parties, receptions or conferences, we encourage repeat participation in progressively more exciting competitions. Either way, every winner gets a "Race Winner" sticker. We can do a "championship race" for the returning winners to bring each day to a great finale.

Nomad Slot Racing has thrilled innumerable corporate, club and private party events.  Check our testimonials page to hear what our customers are saying. Email us about a Nomad Racetrack for your event.

Race for ROI - Business Promotion with Mini Motorsports
Nomad Raceways Oval track draws a crowd at Corporate events.

We draw a crowd and engage your clients in brief, exciting races.

Quadrophenia portable slot car track for events

Your logos and message where the action is:

Corporate branding on Slot cars at events
Perfect for conference, tradeshow, VIP lounge, receptions, company party, marketing and public event presentations. 

Model Racing Cars for entertainment at corporate event.

Local, national and international service.  Some of our tracks pack as baggage and assemble on site.  No crating or storage cost for maximum efficiency.  Here we are in Dubai UAE:

International Slot car racing at Gitex tradeshow in Dubai

Our professional, experienced  presenter/entertainer wears a wireless microphone to speakers built into track.   We help design an effective attraction to meet your goals then are self sufficient in it's execution. 

Presenter gives award to winner of slot car race at corporate event.

Excellent for company parties for play or competition.
Company team building.  A fun Competition!

Your brand and message integrated to scoreboard and prizes.

Proven increase in lead generation.
Slot cars can attach and engage clients for improved lead generation.

Remote controlled "slot" cars are easy to operate, and exciting to watch.
Slotcar and hand held controller, remote without radio

Track walls and skirt can be branded with your logos:
Nomad 5' x 15' Oval branded for corporate event.  

Quadrophenia slot car track with optional custom printed skirt.   Quadrophenia with optional custom printed skirt.

Track sizes from 2’ x 6’ to 8’ x 18’ ready to go.  
Small Oval Slot car track  for 10 by 10 Booth.  Just 2' by 6', but for 6 drivers at once!   
Slot car race track for Trade show traffic building and increased lead generation.

Larger and scenic tracks are possible.
Custom built slot car track. Top quality, scenic, made to order.   Scenic Slot car track

Cars can be branded:
Custom branded slot cars for promotional events

Specific bands and types of cars are also avaiable:
Custom set of Audi slot cars Custom set of Subaru slot cars

Call 760-492-4619 or email today to discuss your how Nomad Raceways can maximize your Return On Investment by generating excitment and engaging clients with hands on mini motorsports.