Portable Slot Car Tracks go Anywhere!

Two Nomad Slot Car Tracks at a Family Rereunion

Two Nomad slot car tracks at a family reunion.

"Quadrophenia" In a trade show booth:
Quadrophenia portable slot car track for events
We draw a crowd and can engage your clients in brief, exciting hands on races, or we can entertain your gusest for hours.

Nomad Raceways Oval track draws a crowd at Corporate events.

Perfect for birthday parties, (for ALL ages) family gatherings, car club events, receptions, Bar Mitzvah, company parties, team building,  marketing and public event presentations. 
Model Racing Cars for entertainment at corporate event.

Local, national and international service.  Some of our tracks pack as baggage and assemble on site.  No crating or storage cost for maximum efficiency.  Here we are in Dubai UAE:
International Slot car racing at Gitex tradeshow in Dubai

Our professional, experienced  presenter/entertainer wears a wireless microphone to speakers built into track.   We help design an effective attraction to meet your goals then are self sufficient in it's execution. 
Presenter gives award to winner of slot car race at corporate event.

Excellent for company parties for play or competition.
Company team building.  A fun Competition!

Remote controlled "slot" cars are easy to operate, and exciting to watch.
Slotcar and hand held controller, remote without radio

For promotional events track walls, skirt and cars can be branded.  We put your logos where action is!
Nomad 5' x 15' Oval branded for corporate event.  

Here s our "Quadrophenia"  track, branded with a custom printed hard skirt, and track wall signs.  Cusotem cars were also branded.  The skirt works at at a distance and the inside wall branding and cars put th branding where the action is.  Perfect for a 10' by 20' space with room for players and a sales or reception area. Quadrophenia makes a visual impact with swoopy curves, eye level 360 degree scoring monitors and very satisfying play.   Excellent for team races with 2 to four team members.  Any number of teams can play at 6 minutes per team.

   Quadrophenia with optional custom printed skirt.

Track sizes from 2’ x 6’ to 8’ x 18’ ready to go.  We can share a 10' x 10' booth with sales staff or Fill the atrium in Cobo hall.  Some tracks  travel in our truck without crates to store, others pack in flight cases that store under the assembled track.  Either way, we deliver these tracks to distant events efficiently and we handle everything.  Here is a link to details of our current track offerings.  

Small Oval Slot car track  for 10 by 10 Booth.  Just 2' by 6', but for 6 drivers at once!
Small Oval Slot car track  for 10 by 10 Booth.  Just 2' by 6', but for 6 drivers at once!
Slot car race track for Trade show traffic building and increased lead generation.
Large Oval Slot car track is 15' x 5'.  perfect for 10 bt 20 spaces with room for players asn sales staff or reception.  9 cars at a time draft, bump and crash around a steeply banked oval. Easy to drive, yet challenging to win, the races are a blast whether you are driving or cheering!  Race director wears a wireless microphone to call the action. Results are shown instantly on monitors. New digital technology allows independent control of each cars speed and lane changing from hand held controllers.  We run a new race for 6 drivers every 3 minutes, providing hands-on  for up to 180 people per hour.  The action is fast, exciting and engaging, so many more will stop by to watch!   

Specific bands and types of cars are also available:
Custiem Audis
Custom set of Audi slot cars

and Subaru for example...
 Custom set of Subaru slot cars

Larger and scenic tracks are possible for key events or permanent installations.  We have tracks installed in museums, private clubs and gamerooms world wide.  We support track owners from design to installation, maintneance and event production.
Custom built slot car track. Top quality, scenic, made to order.   Scenic Slot car track
Note that we can brand our track walls, cars and even the names on the race control monitors with YOUR logos and product identification. We put your name where the action is!  Your logos can go where the Nomad logos are in this picture:

Slot cars have strong advertising potential on a tiny budget!

Mostof our track a accomodate up to 6 drivers at once. Three autopilot cars also add the the challenge and excitement.  We run a new race every 3 minutes or less. Every winner gets a "Race Winner" sticker. We can do a championship race for the six top drivers to bring each day to a great finale. At trade shows, the stickers help spread the buzz around the hall, in hospitality or company parties they lead to intense competition:

Nomad Raceways slot car oval in action in a conference.  Six drivers at once on our portable slot car tracks at a company party.

All our tracks and cars are optimized for professional commercial use and be easy for first time racers while providing challenges as skills increase. The controller's top button controls speed, the red button controls lane changing. NO steering means easy, fast fun with more speed and focus on car's position.. Our race format maximizes speed, action and fun for all ages   We handle it ALL.  

Digital slot car remotes, full control of speed and lane switches.

We have four versions of oval track.  For 10' x 20' or larger booths, we recommend 5' X 15' version.  For 10 x 10 booths we have a 2.5' by 6' version. These tracks can arrive pre-assembled in our delivery truck, or for distant events we have "flying" versions that we can ship or check them as baggage for fast fun ANYWHERE!


Slot car racing is not just for the guys!

Slot car racing is not just for the guys!