1963 Mustang Fastback Concept car - 1/24 body by Pactra

In 1963, slot car body makers Pactra made a fantastic variety of bodies, including this one; a one off concept car released shortly before the production release of the Ford Mustang.  

For the interior, I manipulated photos of actal car interiors and added details including 1/24 scale drawings and photos of the real concept car, copies of magazines that featured it, and a 1963 Motor Trend Car of the Year cover.  Would you be surpized to know if was the Rambler American?  I was, and I owned one!  There is even an 1963 Playboy magazine in the back seat.

The slot car chassis is a Dynamic with the over hyped Globe motor.  It s very smooth....

Mustang 1963 fastback concept car    Mustang 1963 fastback concept car 2  Mustang 1963 fastback concept car 3   1963 magazines and photos of concept Mustang in Slot car