1963 Cooper Monaco on Kemtron 1662 Chassis and Ram 426 Motor

I really enjoy rummaging through my vintage parts stash and putting together interesting period pieces.

This one is a 1963 Cooper Monaco, an authentic 1960s Pactra vacuum formed body with the full depth vacuum interior that just cried out for the elegant Kemtron 1662 tubular chassis and Ram 426 Motor. 
1963 Cooper Monaco body By Pactra  Cooper Monaco slot car rear view

Kemtron 1662 slot car chassis in Nomad Raceways Slot car Museum
I assembled and soldered the chassis with front bracket inverted so that I could push the guide further forward, A steel "v" prevents the guide from over-rotating. Body mounts are 3/32" brass tubing with flanged ends and pin tube inside for strength and positive pin mounts.  Cox short guide with hair tie elastic fits perfectly. The elastic on the guide does not affect handling much, but it sure makes the car easier to reslot!  
I love the way the wires run through the chassis. The front axle carrier pivots on the main chassis tube. Tires are Paul Gage XPG on vintage wheels
 Ram 426 motor in Nomad Raceways slot car museum 
These Ram 426 motors include gears and rear axle carrier. they can be assembled with the axle to the rear or through center of the motor.  This one has the big square magnet out fornt, the axle and gears in the center and the armature out back. 
 Kemtron 1662 chassis front end in Nomad Raceways Slot Car Museum
Brass channel a carries ballast needed to balance the car that was otherwise prone to wheelies on hard acceleration. Now, it is a perfectly balanced, sweet driving car. A favorite to lend to interested drivers who have mastered our tracks.  Please visit Nomad Raceways and perhaps you can run some of our vintage cars.

Here is a link to a great page about the real car.