“Arrive and drive” anytime Nomad is open!

Black Diamond slot car track at Nomad Raceways


Fun for all ages. Beginners and pros welcome!


Any time that Nomad Raceways is open, you can come in and request to drive. Don't have your own controller or car? We offer a variety of different cars for rent that you can test and have fun with. (See pricing below) Come on in and choose from one of our four tracks available, or try a little bit of all of them! While our tracks are designed for 1/43 scale and up, some HO cars can be run with minor modification. Commercial slot cars are welcome as well! (Group 15 and under) Dad and SonGuys having fun



Scenic and fast tracks run all scales from HO to 1/24.

Monte CarloBlack Diamond



Conventional analog, Carrera Digital, Plastic cars, metal chassis commercial type cars, and vintage slot cars welcome. Expert tuning help for your old cars. OR rent for the day…

Arrive and Drive
Rent track controller & car
per hour

We provide everything, you have fun!

Rent Track & Controller
per hour

Run your cars on a large track with quality controllers. (Buy cars here starting at $15)

Rent track only
per hour

Run your stuff! (A starter kit with cars, controller and tools starts at $65)

Club Members track time

Club members get free track time, one hour of pit time (Car repair and upgrade service or coaching) and race entry slips. Cost is $10/month through the end of the year.

Races By Request
per Racer

Driving is fun but racing is exciting. Just ask and we'll set up, run and score real races for fun and prizes.

10 Lap Sprint Race
per Racer

10 lap practice and 10 lap race. Always an exciting finish. Run as many of these as you like.

Rotation Race
per Racer

Driver each Lane/or car, most overall Lap is the winner. 12 minutes of driving. Challenge any Nomad track.

Scheduled races
per Racer

Races on our webpage calendar. Save money by using "Pink Slips" for your race entry. Winners get pink slips. Score points in our quarterly league series.

League Races
per race or $20 all 5 races

League races are 5 week series for a given car type. Rent or buy a car, then drive once a week and score points for overall win. 4 races count so drop your worst race or miss one week without penalty. Get 10 % off your car when you sign up for a League Series. Drivers are classes by age and experience. Trophies and other prizes awarded at series end. Points also count in League Quarterly Series score.

Point Series

All Scheduled races are scored in a series with awards in popular classes and overall score in separate experience and age groups.