About Nomad and its Founder

Nomad Slot Racing and Nomad Raceways were founded by Jim Cunningham, whose passion for and vast experience with, slot car racing, began with the fun of playing with slot cars as a young boy. His lifelong participation in the hobby at all levels, including building of world class tracks, cars and victories in international competitions, has given him a deep understanding of the attraction and advantages of this form of miniature auto racing;

Susan and Jim Cunningham in the CyclArt design office.

Before founding Nomad Slot racing in 2001, Jim founded, built and lead a team of craftsmen at CyclArt, Inc. performing exacting restoration services, and creative finishing for the bicycle industry. Clients included the most exacting of collectors and the marketing departments of the world's largest bicycle companies. Jim has provided Technical and marketing consulting services throughout the bicycle industry.

He has applied this experience as a designer, product engineer and marketing consultant to cultivate slot cars as an attraction, and marketing tool for other businesses.
Jim explains race strategy with a small portable track at a customer appreciation event for GQ.

Jim has given awards of all sizes,  from stickers to mobile devices and real cars.  Nomad Racing events have always been exciting and keep his clients promotional aims on target.